Congratulations on your decision to adopt! Chesapeake Humane Society has many adoptable cats looking for their forever home. Our cats are free-roaming during the day so it's easy to interact with each one of them and see their personalities. Come by and just visit with them or find the one that connects with you to bring home! You can view our adoptable pets on our Petfinder page.

Step 1: Determine the pet that is best for your lifestyle.
Browse through the helpful topics at the right and determine what type of pet will be most compatible with your family. Since your new pet will be with you for the rest of its life, this is an important commitment that should not be rushed into!

Step 2: Select your pet and complete adoption paperwork.
All adoptable animals are available to be seen at on Petfinder. Once you select your pet, you can fill out an adoption application.

Step 3:
Provide a loving new home for your new addition to the family! We require that you schedule a wellness exam for your new companion within two weeks of adoption. This insures that your new pet is healthy and helps to establish a relationship with your vet and your new pet.

Looking for other options?

Check out adoptable dogs, cats, and other critters from Chesapeake Animals Services. CHS works closely with Chesapeake Animal Services to promote adoption. They have many different types of cats, dogs, bunnies, ferrets and other pets available who are waiting to find loving homes.

Adoption Hours:
• Tues - Fri: 10am - 4pm
• Saturday: 12pm - 4pm
• Evenings, Sunday or Monday by appointment

Foster Care Program

What to Consider Before Adopting

Pure or Mixed Breed?

Finding Purebreeds

The Joy of Mature Pets

Choosing the Right Cat

Choosing the Right Dog

Bringing Your Cat Home

Bringing Your Dog Home

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