Chesapeake Humane promotes the adoption of pets from Chesapeake Animal Services by conducting off-site adoption events at PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, Petco and various other locations. Click here to see our Adoption calendar! We also provide temporary homes for adoptable cats awaiting new homes ... click here for our address and hours of operation!

Foster Care parents offer a lifeline for underage, sick or injured animals who need some TLC before they can be adopted. With the love and care of devoted foster parents, these otherwise wonderful pets are given a second chance for life. Responsibilities include allowing the pet to live with you, providing full-service care, and bringing pets to adoption events (usually on the weekends). We will assign you a foster care supervisor so that we can work with you one-on-one for the best fit of foster animals.
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Our C.A.R.E. Clinic offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to help reduce pet overpopulation in Chesapeake. Other low-cost services include vaccinations, tests, flea and heartworm preventative. Click here to learn more!


Our C.A.R.E. Clinic offers low-cost vaccines including rabies, distemper, and bordetella. Other low-cost services include spay/neuter surgery, tests, flea and heartworm preventative. Click here to learn more!

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